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MUSIGLO and Solitary Fund Launched to Support Musicians

A new and global musical union dubbed: “MUSIGLO” has been unveiled in Ghana to support aged, underground, and incapacitated musicians in the country.

This groundbreaking union aims to offer lifeline support to elderly musicians who have contributed significantly to Ghana’s musical landscape, underground artists striving to emerge in the industry, and musicians facing incapacitation due to various circumstances.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, the Chief Executive Officer of MUSIGLO, Mrs Deborah Freeman explained that the unveiling of “MUSIGLO” heralds a new era of collaboration, unity, and empowerment within the Ghanaian music industry, fostering an environment where every musician, regardless of age, status, or circumstance, can thrive and continue to enrich the vibrant musical landscape of the nation.

She shared a poignant observation based on her experiences: the immense struggles faced by older musicians in their pursuit of a livelihood, compounded by the stark absence of support from any organized union or collective.

She elaborated further, emphasizing the pivotal role of the union in extending essential support to emerging underground artists.

Mrs Deborah Freeman took the opportunity to elucidate to the media the exclusive partnership between MUSIGLO and People’s Pension Trust.

Expanding on her statement, she detailed the operational structure of MUSIGLO, highlighting that its members would contribute a designated sum intended for a pension fund. This fund stands as a safeguard for their future, ensuring financial security during their later years.

According to her, the introduction of MUSIGLO is heralded as a transformative force poised to alleviate the burdens weighing heavily on musicians, offering much-needed relief and support.

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According to them, they are facing great challenges which is making their lives unbearable therefore the introduction of MUSIGLO is going to be a great help to musicians and the music industry as a whole.

The Chief Operations Officer at People’s Pension Trust, Kofi Poley, also stressed the importance of proactive preparation for musicians while they’re at the pinnacle of their careers.

He highlighted the fleeting nature of their earnings, emphasizing the need for prudent saving to secure their future.

Stressing that MUSIGLO stands as a commendable initiative, offering crucial support to musicians and acting as a barrier against the risk of becoming poor.

Some veteran musicians like Rev. Mensah Bonsu, Nana Backman, Adofo, Moses King, and others graced this special event.



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