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Nana Kweku Ofori Atta writes on developing AI for accountability

Government needs to implement a policy where every ministry would have a website linked to a centralized database system for good development and accountability in an AI (Artificial Intelligence) era.

All MPs with their MCE’s should have an official website to serve as an official platform to update and champion their respective developmental projects and challenges that go on within their constituencies. The website can be to used to engage the youth through annual organization of impactful summit to educate and enlighten their people on their social cooperate responsibilities in their various communities (constituencies).

The system will help reduce government expenditure (fuel coupons) on traveling to tour the country under the impression of inspecting government’s ongoing projects across the country.

I will suggest to government to implement a policy where every ministry would have a website which can be linked to a centralized database system that will be put in place to validate every ongoing governmental project to prevent unnecessary wasting of funds .

For instance, every region has a minister where the ministers send their respective reports to the executives annually. Some of these reports could easily be monitored through a proper structured security system installed with tight security featured centralized database system, where it will go through upgrades to validate every project within each region to stop the human movements and introduce data collection system network platform to enhance and improve effective communication through technology .

Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) has recently embarked on widening the tax net to include bloggers, creative industry persons, entertainers and those engaged in online media. But what about the yacht owners, private and luxury jet owners?

Looking at the recent economic hardship facing the state, descending down to the citizens, I am of the view that, government needs to build a serious centralized database (software) for collection of all revenues to secure the nation’s debt restructure introduced by government in recent times.

Accurate monitoring of all revenue collected/generated both home and abroad will secure the nation lots of funds internally to assist the nation’s central bank .



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