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Nasab; an embodiment of Arts releases her maiden song, Adzagba

Nasab, born Naomi Sabbla, has long been recognized as a walking piece of art. From her role as a creative art teacher to her captivating content on TikTok, where she boasts thousands of followers, Nasab has established herself as a multifaceted artist. Known for her acting and dancing skills, showcased in various social media posts, as well as her prowess in painting, Nasab’s artistic talents know no bounds.

Nasab unbearably sews most of the clothes she wears and intend to establishing her fashion line where the public will have an opportunity to choose from her indigenous Afrocentric wears for both Men and Women.

Despite her diverse creative endeavors, Nasab harbored a longstanding ambition to venture into the music industry. After years of honing her skills through sporadic performances at events and churches, and lending her vocals as a backup artist, she is finally ready to unveil her debut single, “Adzagba.”

While Nasab aspires to be recognized as an Afrocentric artist, her debut track, “Adzagba,” represents a fusion of Afrocentric influences with universal themes of liberation and self-worth. Though love permeates the song’s lyrics, its message resonates with everyone who has experienced undervaluation, emphasizing the inherent worthiness of all individuals.

“Adzagba” is a melodic blend of English and Ewe, available on all major online music platforms. Recorded live by McLord at DM Studios AB. The song promises to captivate listeners with its soul-stirring melody and profound lyrics.

As a member of the Afrocentric Network, an organization dedicated to promoting African culture and advocating for economic empowerment and unity among black communities worldwide through art and activism, Nasab’s choice to embrace her Afrocentric identity comes as no surprise.

In releasing “Adzagba,” Nasab not only showcases her musical talents but also reaffirms her commitment to uplifting African culture and addressing universal themes of empowerment and self-expression through her artistry. With this debut single, Nasab invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and celebration of cultural heritage, promising a musical experience that resonates deeply with audiences far and wide. “Adzagba” is available on all major online music platforms. Follow the link below to access “Adzagba”



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