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Nollywood Actress Shares Experience of Escaping Death: ‘It Wasn’t My Time

Nollywood Actress Shares Experience of Escaping Death: ‘It Wasn’t My Time

Nollywood Actress Mary Remmy Njoku shared a chilling account of her close brush with death as she approached New Year’s Eve.

Via her Instagram handle, the actress revealed a potentially catastrophic incident she narrowly avoided, referring to it as a “major accident” that she miraculously escaped.

Expressing profound gratitude, Mary shared her disbelief and inability to comprehend the circumstances that allowed her to evade the danger. She firmly believes that her survival wasn’t just chance; it was a matter of fate, affirming that it simply wasn’t her time.

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In light of this heart-stopping experience, as she steps into 2024, Mary Remmy Njoku pledged to embrace life with a different perspective. She articulated her intention to cherish every moment, vowing to slow down and savor life each day as if it were her last, understanding the fragility and preciousness of existence.

She took to social media to share her sentiments, stating, “A few hours to 2024, I almost didn’t make it. What could have been a life-altering accident was averted. I’m still trying to fathom how I managed to escape it. But I did. It wasn’t my time. So, it almost doesn’t count. It’s 2024, and I’m still here, deeply thankful for life. I will now take the time to cherish every moment and embrace happiness because, in the end, life is too short not to be grateful.”

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