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NPP Bekwai PC Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei Makes Strong Case For A Bawumia Presidency

Accra, Ghana – June 27, 2024 – “As Ghana approaches a crucial juncture in its political journey, it is with great confidence and enthusiasm that I urge all Ghanaians to vote for Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia as the best choice for the next President of Ghana,” NPP Parliamentary Candidate for Bekwai Constituency, Lawyer Ralph Poku-Adusei has said.

According to him, Dr. Bawumia’s unique blend of experience, vision, and commitment positions him as the leader who can propel Ghana into a new era of prosperity and development.

He said Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has emerged as a champion in promoting Ghana’s development and progress, surpassing the achievements of former President John Mahama As Veep.

Bawumia has tirelessly worked to transform Ghana’s economy, infrastructure, and digital landscape, says, parliamentary candidate for Bekwai constituency, Lawyer Ralph Adusei Poku

“While Mahama’s presidency witnessed some notable accomplishments, Bawumia’s impact as Vice President has been more significant and far-reaching.

…His dedication to promoting Ghana’s growth and development has earned him recognition both locally and internationally.

Lawyer Adusei during a campaign trail engagement with some opinion leaders in the constituency highlighted some of Dr. Bawumia’s notable achievements including

– Digital transformation initiatives

– Economic growth and stability

– Infrastructure development projects

– Financial inclusion expansion

“In contrast, Mahama’s presidency was marked by economic challenges, corruption allegations, and slower progress in infrastructure development

…Bawumia’s performance as Veep has undoubtedly surpassed Mahama’s achievements, cementing his position as a leader who truly cares about Ghana’s progress.

He said, Bawumia’s commitment to the nation’s growth and development is a testament to his dedication to public service.

He urged traditional and opinion leaders to consider the achievements of Bawumia and vote massively for the NPP to continue with their impactful policies and programs.

Why Dr. Bawumia Deserves Our Votes

Proven Economic Expertise

Dr. Bawumia’s extensive background in economics makes him an unparalleled candidate.

As a former Deputy Governor of the Bank of Ghana and the current Vice President, he has been instrumental in implementing economic policies that have stabilized and strengthened Ghana’s economy.

His leadership in digitalizing the economy has enhanced efficiency, transparency, and inclusiveness, setting a solid foundation for sustainable growth.

Innovative Leadership and Vision

Dr. Bawumia’s innovative approach to governance is evident in his championing of technological advancements across various sectors.

From introducing mobile money interoperability to spearheading the national digital property addressing system, his initiatives have made significant impacts on improving public services and enhancing the ease of doing business in Ghana.

Commitment To Infrastructure Development

Under Dr. Bawumia’s leadership, Ghana has seen substantial improvements in infrastructure.

His focus on building roads, schools, hospitals, and expanding access to electricity and clean water has not only improved the quality of life for many Ghanaians but has also laid the groundwork for future economic opportunities.

Champion Of Education And Health

Dr. Bawumia has consistently advocated for accessible and quality education and healthcare.

His support for the Free Senior High School policy has opened doors for thousands of Ghanaian youths, and his initiatives in the healthcare sector have aimed at providing universal health coverage, making significant strides towards achieving these critical goals.

Integrity and Inclusiveness

Known for his integrity and dedication to public service, Dr. Bawumia has always prioritized the welfare of all Ghanaians.

His inclusive approach to governance ensures that every Ghanaian, regardless of their background, has a stake in the nation’s future.

His ability to bring together diverse groups and foster unity is crucial for the continued peace and stability of Ghana.

Global Recognition And Respect

Dr. Bawumia’s work has not only garnered national acclaim but has also received international recognition.

His efforts in promoting financial inclusion and digital innovation have been celebrated globally, reinforcing Ghana’s position as a leader in these areas on the African continent.

A Vision For The Future

Dr. Bawumia’s vision for Ghana is one of transformation and progress.

He envisions a Ghana where every citizen has access to the opportunities they need to thrive. His plans for economic diversification, industrialization, and modernization are aimed at creating jobs, reducing poverty, and ensuring sustainable development for future generations.

As Ghana stands at the crossroads of its development, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia represents the beacon of hope and progress.

His proven track record, innovative leadership, and unwavering commitment to the people of Ghana make him the best choice for President.

Under his leadership, Ghana will continue to rise and achieve its full potential on the global stage.



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