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NPP Needs an Akan as Bawumia’s Running Mate – Party faithfulls Demand

Some loyalists of the New Patriotic Party NPP have called on the flagbearer of the party and the Vice president of Ghana, Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia to consider appointing an Akan as his running mate and not limit his appointment to an Ashanti as being speculated.

The party faithfulls and loyalists, most of whom are delegates who voted for his flagbearership bid indicated that appointing an Akan, possibly, from any of the other regions would help garner more support for the party ahead of the December 2024 general elections.
Ashanti region needs more developmental projects and support for the region than the party trying hard to give them a running mate when indeed that’s not what they actually need, one delegate stated.

They said Ashanti region is our stronghold and will vote for the party at all times hence we need to reward them with more developmental projects to lift the region. Running mate from Ashanti region may not change how they feel disappointed now, even though they may still vote for the NPP party.

Seth Afriyie a grassroot supporter of the party in an interview said “We need an Akan who would represent all Akan tribes and clans across the country and becomes a mouthpiece of all Akans. An Ashanti will not change the underdeveloped state of the region and one person cannot change all the mindset of the Ashanti people”.

Samuel Adjei, a party supporter in Mampong revealed that “The Ashantis have already been represented at the highest level in the 4th republican dispensation, that’s President Kufuour. The Dombos have and are being represented as we speak; that’s the late Alhaji Aliu Mahama and currently Dr Mahamudu Bawumia.

Research indicates that The Ashantis don’t need a running mate to appease them. What they need is development to keep their votes intact.
Statistics further shows that though the NDC generate most of their votes from the Volta Region they have never appointed a running mate from the volta region. The NPP therefore, needs to appoint a running mate from any of the Akan regions with strong political backing and support to amass the votes needed for the party to secure victory in the elections.



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