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NPP Polling Station Executives in Nsawam Adoagyiri Oppose Dompreh’s December Extraordinary Congress

Nsawam Adoagyiri constituency, (20 November 2023) – In a press conference today, polling station executives from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Nsawam Adoagyiri expressed their strong opposition to the organization of an Extraordinary Congress scheduled for December 2023.

The executives, representing various polling stations and electoral areas, highlighted several concerns and alleged undemocratic actions by the current Member of Parliament (MP), Frank Annoh Dompreh.

One of the major grievances raised by the polling station executives was the MP’s insistence on contesting unopposed in the parliamentary primaries. This assertion, initially believed to be a mere tactic to discourage potential contenders, turned out to be an attempt to force delegates to accept an undemocratic practice. The executives accused the MP of using intimidation and threats to quash dissent within the constituency, even resulting in the suspension of delegates who opposed his unopposed bid.

The executives further revealed that the MP had allegedly pocketed a financial incentive meant for delegates during the NPP’s Presidential Primaries. This act of financial misconduct raised concerns among the executives, who questioned the MP’s integrity and commitment to the party.

The NPP polling station executives also brought attention to the recent revelation that the MP and his associates were circulating a document calling for an Extraordinary Congress. However, upon investigation, it was discovered that the document contained forged signatures and false claims of support from polling station executives. The executives emphasized that a significant number of those indicated in the document had no knowledge of endorsing such an event.

The executives urged the Regional Executive Committee and the National Council of the NPP to disregard the purported document, emphasizing its fictitious nature and lack of merit. They also reminded the party leadership that the actions of the MP and his associates were in violation of the party’s guidelines for the conduct of parliamentary elections.

Moreover, the executives highlighted various instances of mismanagement and poor leadership within the Nsawam Adoagyiri constituency. They pointed out the lack of a welfare scheme for polling station executives, the inadequate running of the constituency office, and the absence of training or orientation for executives despite their essential roles in the party’s operations. The uneven distribution of opportunities and allegations of intimidation, blackmail, and insults towards polling station executives were also brought to light.

The executives concluded by emphasizing the urgent need for new leadership in the constituency. They warned that failure to address these concerns and pursue a leadership change would negatively impact the party’s chances of success in the upcoming 2024 elections, potentially leading to defeat against the rival National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The NPP polling station executives called on the regional and national leadership to intervene in the situation, rectify the issues raised, and ensure a fair and democratic process within the constituency.



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