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Over 800 Intellectuals, Academicians, International Lawyers across The World Criticize The Israeli Aggression And Call For A Stop To The Genocide In Palestine

On Wednesday the 18th of October 2023, public intellectuals, academicians, international lawyers, rights groups, and human rights activists penned a letter in which they called for the withdrawal and immediate halt to the atrocities committed by Israel against Palestinian civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Israel, which had implemented a complete siege and blockade of the Gaza Strip for over a decade, while also having occupied Palestinian lands and implemented an ‘Apartheid’ system against the Palestinian people for over 75 years had again implemented a more deplorable blockade of the region which hosts over 2.3 million people earlier this October 2023 while dropping thousands of tons of bombs on civilian targets and infrastructure.

The indiscriminate carpet bombing of the densely populated Gaza Strip had led to the gruesome killing of over 4,000 civilians including nearly 2,000 children and scores of women and elderly people.

The combination of a decade-long siege and blockade of Gaza (a war crime), the carpet bombing of civilian populations (a war crime), the denial of the right to flee a war zone (a war crime), and the denial of the supply of aid and basic human needs (also a war crime) have led these conscientious people to write a letter to the united nations, warning of an impending genocide by the Zionist State of Israel against the Palestinian people.

Recently, ultra-right wing and racist ideologies as well as religious and racial intolerance have surged in Israel against people of different religious or racial.

The ruling party in Israel is also a right-wing party and has recently carried out a power purge in which the powers of judges were drastically reduced in order to prevent politicians and rightwing extremists from being held accountable.

In a viral video, which many see as a result of the empowerment of extremists by the Israeli government, a group of Christian worshippers were seen being spat on by young Jewish boys and teenagers. At the same time, elderly people looked on and did nothing.

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Another letter was written and signed by over 300 hundred international lawyers and rights activists on the 16th of October 2023 to the United States government to demand an immediate halt to the support the United States government gives to Israel since such aid is actually an aid to carry out a genocide.

Follow this link to read the full letter:

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