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PAPSS at UBA: Simplifying Cross-Border Payments for African Businesses

The Pan-African Payment and Settlement System (PAPSS) is revolutionizing cross-border payments in Africa, and UBA Ghana is at the forefront of this transformation. With PAPSS, businesses and individuals can now send money instantly to Guinea, Gambia, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria from any UBA branch in Ghana, eliminating the hassles of paperwork, waiting times, and exchange rate fluctuations.

Streamlining Trade Across Africa

Before PAPSS, sending money across borders meant more currency conversions, leading to extra costs.

Consider Mansa, a business owner in Ghana who imports goods from Nigeria. Before PAPSS, Mansa faced numerous payment challenges, including hours spent on paperwork and days of waiting for transaction processing.

Discovering PAPSS transformed her operations. Now, Mansa can make instant payments to her suppliers in Nigeria and receive immediate confirmation. This efficiency allows her to receive goods promptly, contributing to her business’s growth and success. With PAPSS, Mansa saves time and reduces stress, empowering her to expand her business and trade confidently with partners across Africa.

How PAPSS Works

PAPSS offers a seamless and efficient solution for cross-border payments. The platform enables real-time transactions using local currencies, eliminating the need for currency conversions and reducing exchange rate risks and fees. Businesses can make direct payments to suppliers, partners, or customers in other African countries through a simple and intuitive online platform.

Join the Growing Network of Businesses Benefiting from PAPSS

With its seamless and efficient payment system, PAPSS is revolutionizing cross-border trade in Africa.

Businesses that adopt PAPSS experience significant benefits, including time savings, reduced stress, and enhanced confidence in trading with partners across the continent.

Visit any UBA branch to discover how PAPSS can streamline your cross-border payments.

Trade confidently with partners across Africa, thanks to PAPSS – making cross-border payments easy and seamless.

UBA: Connecting Africa
As a global brand in Africa, UBA is committed to connecting businesses, individuals, and families across the continent.

Through UBA Africash, a money transfer service available in 20 African countries, and UBA Connect, which allows customers to operate their accounts in all 20 countries where UBA operates, the bank is facilitating economic growth and development across Africa.

UBA’s dedication to innovation and superior technology is evident in its ongoing efforts to provide seamless financial solutions and services to its customers. Join UBA and experience the ease of cross-border transactions with PAPSS, and discover the numerous benefits of banking with a trusted leader in digital financial solutions.



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