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Pastor Elvis Agyemang replies ALPHA HOUR critics.

In recent times the ALPHA HOUR Convenor, Pastor Elvis Agyemang has not only received admiration for the prayer revival movement that has hit the country but has also received some loud vague criticism about ALPHA HOUR.

During the live stream on August 8th, Alpha Hour Episode 156, Pastor Agyemang Elvis, the founder of Grace and Mountain Ministry took the opportunity to advise his followers, Alpharians, on recent attacks against the prayer revival ALPHA HOUR.

In the video, Pastor Elvis said “Listen to me

…. Be strong in might and at heart. For satan is not happy… But we have the backing of God, We

can’t stop them from writing anything they want, and we can’t stop them from insulting us.

All that we need to do is to keep praying our prayers. It is about our destinies not about them (critics).

Pastor Elvis went on to shed more light on the impact Alpha Hour is having on the nation. He

said ” There is something in what we are doing.

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We are altering the spiritual structure of the nation. They wanted believers asleep. From now till Jesus comes, we will alter the systems, we will determine situations. There are many activities going on but why are we (ALPHA HOUR) the target?

Undoubtedly, Pastor Agyemang Elvis is currently the most viewed live streamer in Ghana

gathering over 53,000 concurrent viewers on Facebook and close to 16,000 concurrent live

views Youtube.

Yet some critics, do not believe the huge numbers that gather online to pray on Alpha Hour.

Gracefully, Pastor Elvis addressed this in his final remarks saying ” If we were faking numbers, don’t you think there are many technical people who would have brought evidence against us?

I don’t have that time. We do not have time for manipulation. Let us focus and pray, Don’t be distracted,” he advised.



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