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Prampram: 3 Royal Gates Petition Chief Justice …To Fast-Track Unresolved Chieftaincy-Related Murder Cases

…To Help Them Install A New Chief

Leaders of the three royal gates that make up the Prampram Paramountcy namely Abbey Doku Mansro We, Kwei Opletu We, and Tetteh Djan Larbi Agbo We, have petitioned the Chief Justice intervene and help FastTrack chieftaincy dispute cases in the Prampram Traditional Area which has affected plans to install a new chief since the demise of their late chief Nene Tetteh Djan III.

According to the kingmakers, the failure to enstool a new chief stemmed from the failure of the police and the court to punish perpetrators behind numerous murders linked to the chieftaincy dispute in the area.

The kingmakers expressed their displeasure with the police and the court for failing to bring closure on the numerous of murder cases in the area despite the arrest of prime suspects and also known suspects who are walking freely with some at large.

Citing the murders of their Mankralo Nene Atsere Bentah in 2018, Nene Aryeh Osɛɛ Kro head of the Kley Quarters in 2021, Daniel Akwetey Okine Awulley a family head of Miotso in 2022, amongst others, as many of the unresolved murder cases linking to the Prampram Chieftaincy dispute, the kingmakers said noted that one individual has been alleged to be a suspect in all these murders.

According to them, it is not of sheer coincidence that the name of one Michael Quarcopome Packer, also known as Nene Tetteh Wakah, pops up allegedly as a suspect in all of these cases. They argued that the emergence of such murder cases cropped up its ugly head following the resistance by these chiefs against the candidature of Michael Quarcopome Packer as chief of Prampram.

According to the kingmakers, these murdered individuals and others who are currently bedridden due to similar attacks on their lives, is as a result of their decision not to support the said Michael Quarcopome Packer to succeed their late chief, since he is not of a royal blood and does not even have the qualities to lead Prampram.

They also averred that the said Michael Quarcopome Packer who was conspicuously gazetted by the National House of Chiefs with the help of some greedy individuals of the house, is not recognized by the people of Prampram as their chief, since he didn’t pass through the legitimate customary process to ascend the throne.

They claim he was kept in a family room meant for preservation of dead persons and not the customary stool room, which has been the norm since time immemorial. They inquired how such a person can be gazetted by the National House of Chiefs when all legal documents presented to the house exposed him to be an outcast who has no lineage to the royal dynasty of Prampram.

The Kingmakers added further that, they still find it strange to believe how the Nana Ogyeahoho Yaw Gyebi II led National House of Chiefs administration will gazette Michael Quarcopome Packer as a chief when the same chambers under the leadership of Otumfuo Osei Tutu II on the 15th of October 2020 having ruled in favour of the kingmakers who had argued that Michael Quarcopome Packer cannot hold himself as chief of Prampram.

They further urged the Chief Justice, the IGP and the Interior minister to ensure that all chieftaincy murder cases in Prampram are fast-tracked with persons found guilty incarcerated so as to bring the justice and peace the people of Prampram deserves.



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