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Prampram Kingmakers Bare Teeth At New Regional Police Commander For Meddling In Long-Standing Chieftaincy Dispute

Heads of the 3 royal gates of the Prampram Traditional Area have urged the Tema Regional Police Commander COP Daniel Kwame Afriyie, not to soil his hard-earned reputation in the police service by kotowing to external influences and pressure from some individuals whose interest lies in denigrating the sanctum of the Prampram Paramount stool.

According to heads of the 3 royal gates namely Abbey Doku Mansro We, Tetteh Djan Larbi Agbo We and Kwei Opletu We, a recent posture adopted by the Tema regional police commander who took office some few months ago leaves much to be worried about judging from the fact that, the mandate of the police is to ensure fairness and not to dance to the music of one faction in a dispute.

According to the elders in a press statement, a recent decision by COP Daniel Kwame Afriyie to write to the National House of Chiefs demanding to know who’s the rightful stool father of the Prampram traditional area leaves a stone indication that his office has been compromised, judging from a fact that Prampram has only known Numo Osabu Abbey IV to be the stool father since 2014 with all documents and records supporting that fact.

“Is it not worrying and mischievous on the part of the regional police commander to allow himself to be controlled by one Michael Quarcopome Packer to petition the National House of Chiefs for such a declarance, when the very stool father whose authority and legibility is being questioned was the same person who enstooled the current queen mother of Prampram and that of the late family head who enstooled Michael Quarcopome Packer as chief of Prampram,” portion of the statement read.

The statement signed by Numo Samuel K Abbey, Head of Abbey Doku Mansro We, Numo Ebenezer Nii Djan Abbey, Head of Tetteh Djan Larbi Agbo We and Numo Daniel Abbey, Head of the Kwei Opletu We, questioned why the Tema Regional Police Commander isn’t interested in unravelling the killers of some chiefs and other traditional leaders whose murder has become a mystery even though known suspects of these heinous crimes are still walking around freely with little or no intention by the police to ensure the court does justice to these cases.

The kingmakers noted that the authority and legitimacy of Numo Osabu Abbey as the Prampram Paramountcy has been challenged several times by some unscrupulous individuals at the various levels and failed in that regard, hence any influence on the Tema regional commander to also tow the same lane, will end in the same outcome.

According to the chief makers, the very president of the National House of Chiefs, who was petitioned by the Tema Police commander to determine the legitimacy of Numo Osabu Abbey IV, is currently facing a legal suit for a similar miscarriage of justice when he together with some money-conscious induced Chiefs at the Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs, connived to gazette the said Michael Quarcopome Packer as chief of Prampram.

The statement also warned any attempt by the regional police command to circumvent the will of the Prampram people in having a legitimate chief after several years of disputes, will be met with an equal resistance and objection.



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