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Race to Resilience announces Green Africa Youth Organization as its first youth-led initiative partner


The Race to Resilience Campaign has announced the Green Africa Youth Organization (GAYO) as its first youth-led initiative partner.

The partnership is part of a global initiative that aims to enhance the resilience of 4 billion people from vulnerable groups and communities by 2030.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone for GAYO, as it aligns with the organization’s mission to empower youth for environmental sustainability and community development.

GAYO is incredibly proud to join the Race to Resilience campaign and contribute to its mission of building resilience for a more sustainable future. This partnership will further amplify the effort to empower youth and communities to address climate change and environmental challenges.

In his response to the announcement, Joshua Amponsem, the founder of GAYO welcomed the news with excitement saying “Being part of this campaign will raise ambition and get more youth movements to think about driving resilience for frontline communities. We are doing this at GAYO with municipalities and government agencies and through building leadership of young people ”.

Speaking on youth movements, he explained, “We need to see youth movements as not a group that just demand change but also as a talented group that can help achieve the targets and goals of government and public offices”.

He concluded by inviting other youth organizations to make it a target to pledge, put a plan in place, and join the race to help build resilience together.

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Through GAYO’s Zero Waste Cities project and the Youth Climate Councils, their involvement in the Race to Resilience campaign will bring valuable insights and perspectives from Africa’s youth to the global effort to build climate resilience. Their expertise in youth empowerment, skills development, and public education will play a crucial role in mobilizing and engaging youth in resilience-building initiatives.

As a partner of the Race to Resilience campaign, GAYO is committed to working alongside other stakeholders to promote climate action, foster youth leadership, and build a more resilient future for all and is motivated to collaborate with the campaign to amplify youth voices, champion innovative solutions, and drive transformative change.



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