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Opinion: Report suspicious key cutters to curb crimes

It is alleged that some of these artisans unscrupulously cut more keys than requested by the customer after which they engage middlemen to sell out the keys to criminals in their circles.

These criminals in turn trail their unsuspecting victims and raid their cars especially, without any physical damage to the cars.

Most home break-ins as well that are carried out expertly without physical damage could then also be linked to the nefarious activities of some key cutters.

According to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service, key cutters in Ghana are licensed by the Ministry of Interior after going through some months of apprenticeship.

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The key cutters are supposed to submit an application for a license to the Ministry of Interior and are then vetted by the CID of the Police Service to make sure they have no criminal background before they are issued the license.

But as usual with most institutions mandated to enforce standards, the regulatory function of the Ministry of Interior over this very important and sensitive trade is in doubt as key cutters appear to have been left off the hook, operating without a license and wreaking havoc on the public by conniving with criminals.

Mydailynewsonline is therefore calling on the Ministry of Interior through the Police Service to institute an investigation into this issue, undertake regular monitoring of the entire trade, and subsequently intensify the background checks carried out on people who apply for cutting license so as to curb this danger from escalating.

Otherwise, we would be watching a whole new crime mode emerge as key cutters become the new architects of crime.

While calling on the police to step up their investigation and monitoring of this sensitive trade. We also implore the general public to endeavour to report to the police any suspicious key cutters or those found to be operating without licenses.

The genuine professionals in the industry also have a key role to play in sustaining their trade; by collaborating with the security agencies to flush the criminals among them.





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