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Russia condemns German ambassador for war remarks in cathedral

Russia condemns German ambassador for war remarks in cathedral

The Russian Foreign Ministry has criticized Germany’s ambassador in Moscow, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, for his remembrance of war victims and plea for peace during a church Christmas concert.

On Saturday, Lambsdorff addressed a crowd of several hundred people at the Catholic Church’s Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Moscow.

He said that “war is not inevitable” and commemorated those killed in Ukraine and the Middle East.

The diplomat’s remarks drew a sharp rebuke from Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Maria Zakharova.

“It is a great pity that the German ambassador forgot to thank his government for the regular deliveries of weapons to the territory of the Ukrainian conflict,” she wrote on her Telegram channel on Saturday night.

“He should be praying in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, not committing blasphemy,” she continued.

Russia launched its full-scale war against Ukraine in February 2022. It has claimed tens of thousands of victims, including many civilians.

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Moscow blames the West for fuelling the conflict. In Russian propaganda, the chief reason for the bloodshed is not the Kremlin’s invasion, but Western arms supplies to Kiev.

Lambsdorff said on Saturday that the festive season is an occasion to remember the victims of wars, including in the Middle East and Ukraine, regardless of their nationality and faith.

“We know that war is not inevitable. People, peoples, and nations can also reach a peaceful agreement on difficult issues if the will is there,” he said.

“We can and we must find a peaceful solution together, despite all the differences in interests and convictions.”



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