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Sam George Is A Failure …Prampram Chief Linguist Fumes

The Dzase linguist for the Prampram Traditional Area, Nene Dr Oklemekuku says the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Ningo Prampram Constituency, Sam George has performed woefully as the MP for the area and hence the need to immediately change him.

According to Nene Oklemekuku, Sam George is a total disappointment and a failure to the constituency and that there is no need to maintain him in office as the Member of Parliament for the area.

Nene Oklemekuku said this at the outdooring of an independent candidate who seek to contest the upcoming parliamentary elections in the Ningo Prampram constituency.

Nene Dr Oklemekuku who is one of the outspoken and well-respected chiefs in the Prampram Traditional Council and the Ningo Prampram Constituency lamented that, “ever since Sam George was voted for to lead the constituency, development has been stuck and thus cannot boast of a single project to his name.

Sam George has not performed well here in Ningo Prampram and that there is an urgent need to change him as our Member of Parliament. He knows me very well, my name is Nene Dr Oklemekuku, I am telling you that Sam George is a failure here and he has no business to represent us as our Member of Parliament and that there is a need to change him immediately and replace him with a more competent person. Sam George is a failure. I will give him 25 percent if I have to rate him on a scale of one to hundred”.

Nene Oklemekuku added that the developmental projects in the constituency that Sam George is using as his trump card were all constructed by the late E.T. Mensah and that Sam George cannot boast of a single project hence the call for him to be change.

The 37-year-old young man seeking to contest the Parliamentary elections as an independent candidate, ETN Nartey on his part mentioned that he is coming to be the game changer in the constituency.

According to Mr Nartey, the National Democratic Congress has failed the constituency woefully and that there is the need to replace them with an independent minded candidate who can champion development in the constituency.

Mr Nartey mentioned that the constituency has been denied development for the past eight years since Sam George took over as MP.

“All we keep hearing is my mother is not at the kitchen and so Ningo Prampram can’t develop. For how long are we going to be given that excuse of my mother is not in the kitchen “

Mr Nortey who is currently the administrator at the Prampram Land Secretariat believes he is quite conversant with the constituency and its challenges.

“I have outlined a few developmental agenda for the constituency which includes, building some community centres, market, lorry stations among a few pressing needs of the people of my constituency. My activities in the area are geared towards improving the welfare of our youth and constituency at large and not the sharing of money so I am not coming to share money to buy votes. I’m coming with a different approach and mindset. Politics of old where money has become the way to go will not thrive under my leadership”.

Some youth who shared their thoughts were also of the view that the constituency over the years have been abandoned and that change is needed urgently to save the ailing constituency.

“Our MP is quite energetic and loud in parliament but little has his loudness in parliament affected positively the welfare and wellbeing of his constituents so we need him out and get a new man to take up the wheel,” one youth said.

The occasion which was a colorful one saw chiefs and elders of the Ningo Prampram Area in attendance as well as key stakeholders in the constituency.

Sam Geoge took over as MP for Ningo Prampram in a fiercely competitive primaries in 2015 which saw the retirement of the famous legislator E. T Mensah.

Sam George won the 2016 general election as the MP for the Ningo Prampram Constituency and has since led his constituents in parliament till date.

He is known for his loud voice in the campaign against the legalization of LGBTQplus.

For his constituents he has done very little despite being loud in parliament and on national issues but little has that affected his constituency hence they want him replaced.



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