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Sentuo Group donates cash and items to the people of Mepe

The Executive Chairman of the Sentuo Group, Mr. Xu Ningquan, has expressed his deep shock at the devastating impact of the Akosombo Dam spillage.

He expressed his sorrow for the communities and families who have been severely affected by the spillage.

Mr. Xu mentioned, “I am truly saddened by the situation that the people of Mepe find themselves in, and as a company, we cannot stand by and watch our fellow Ghanaians suffer. Therefore, we have decided to provide these items and financial assistance to help alleviate their pain.”

As part of their efforts to support the people of Mepe, Sentuo Group has donated forty thousand cedis, one thousand bags of cement, and various essential items, including rice, mattresses, buckets, blankets, pillows, and detergents, to provide temporary relief to Mepe, one of the hardest-hit communities with approximately twelve thousand displaced residents.

When presenting these items to the Manklalo of the Mepe Traditional Area, Dr. Dawson Amoah reiterated the importance of the donation, emphasizing that Sentuo Group was deeply moved by the Akosombo Dam spillage’s devastation and felt a moral duty to offer assistance.

“We are here today to donate to you these items because we as a company have you people at heart and upon hearing the unfortunate incident, couldn’t sit and watch you people suffer so we came up with these items and some amount to help the affected victims through this hard times” Mr Dawson noted

The Human Resource Manager for the Group Vicentia He, also expressed shock at the level of devastation and called for long-term solutions to prevent such incidents from happening in communities along the Volta Lake.

She assured the affected people in Mepe that Sentuo Group would continue to collaborate with relevant authorities like the NADMO to ensure their welfare.

She stated, “The Sentuo Group has the well-being of Ghanaians at heart and is committed to preventing the recurrence of such incidents in the future.”

Togbe Borbordzi, the Manklalo of the Bator Traditional Area, received the items on behalf of the people of Mepe and the affected victims. He expressed gratitude for the generous donation and assured the company that the items would be distributed effectively to those in need.

Togbe Borbordzi also highlighted the importance of an immediate resettlement plan from the government to avoid future recurrences of such incidents.

He said, “We implore the government to develop a resettlement plan for the affected communities so that we won’t find ourselves in this situation again. We cannot continue to rely on donations for our basic needs. A permanent solution is needed to address this issue once and for all.”



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