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Stop throwing shade at John Mahama and tell Ghanaians your economic policy ─ Economist Dr. Sa-ad to Dr. Bawumia

The Vice President, H.E Dr. Bawumia, must stop jabbing H.E John Mahama and tell Ghanaians his economic policy alternatives.

The upcoming 2024 election holds significant importance, and voters should exercise caution when evaluating politicians who engage in persistent criticism of their opponent(s) without presenting substantive policy alternatives.

I am urging Ghanaians to hold such politicians accountable and demand a higher standard. This juncture is not a time for jest; it marks a crucial phase in Ghana’s history where politicians, both in government and opposition, must proffer policies capable of rescuing the economy from potential collapse.

In light of an economy reliant on a $3 billion IMF lifeline, citizens should anticipate policy propositions that extend beyond rhetoric.

Initiatives like a “24-hour economy” should be part of the discourse, fostering an environment conducive to private sector growth, job creation for the unemployed youth, and the overall enhancement of the average Ghanaian’s well-being.

Thus, the electorate should challenge politicians to articulate their proposed solutions rather than succumbing to the conventional pattern of disparagement and verbal jousting.

As previously articulated in my various media engagements, the advantages of implementing a 24-hour economy in specific sectors are substantial, contingent upon the availability of essential infrastructure such as electricity, water, and security.

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Also, while acknowledging that no economy operates ceaselessly, certain countries and cities have successfully incorporated features of a 24-hour economy due to heightened service demand or cultural practices. Noteworthy examples, which the Vice President, Dr. Bawumia, must be made aware of, include:

1. United States: Cities like New York and Las Vegas are renowned for their vibrant day and nightlife and continuous activities, facilitated by a 3-shift system spanning 8 hours each.

2. Japan: Metropolises like Tokyo boasts a vibrant economy, with services such as convenience stores and public transportation accessible 24/7, generating additional employment opportunities.

3. South Korea: Cities like Seoul feature a dynamic 3-shift system, accompanied by round-the-clock availability of services like transportation and convenience stores and a dynamic nightlife.

4. Singapore: The city-state of Singapore operates a well-established 24-hour economy, ensuring that public transportation, dining, and shopping services remain accessible at all hours.

5. United Kingdom: London, particularly in central areas, sustains a thriving nightlife, with select services operating continuously 24/7, contributing to increased job opportunities.

6. Dubai: The United Arab Emirates city of Dubai is internationally recognized for its 24-hour economy, characterized by activities and services available around the clock.

It is crucial to acknowledge that the extent of a 24-hour economy may vary within a country and is often concentrated in major urban centers. Therefore, with the right political will, the establishment of a 24-hour economy is not only conceivable but also achievable in Ghana. John Mahama deserves commendation for proposing such a transformative plan for the country.



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