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Successful partnership with Government helped our growth in Ghana – Zipline General Manager



The General Manager of Zipline, Mawuli Atiemo, has attributed the company’s exceptional growth in Ghana to a successful partnership with the government, which has resulted in the delivery of over 370,000 medical supplies from its 6 distribution centers in Ghana since it began operations in 2019.


Mr. Atiemo was speaking at an event organised by Zipline to celebrate four years of successful drone delivery operations in Ghana and to highlight the effect of Zipline operations with the media and important partners in healthcare delivery.


“Since our partnership in 2019 to deliver life-saving drugs and products, the government of Ghana has been our most resourceful partner. We have enjoyed unrestrained facilitation of processes and regulatory oversights which has enabled us to thrive. Just in four years, we have scaled our operations significantly from a single distribution center to six, serving over 2700 health facilities in the country”, Mawuli said.

He added that following successes in deploying drones for healthcare delivery, the company is in talks with government to introduce other use cases of drone delivery especially for home deliveries.


The partnership, initiated in 2019, involved close cooperation between Zipline and various government agencies, including the Ministry of Health, the Ghana Health Service, and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority. Together, they developed a robust framework that allowed Zipline to operate within the country’s regulatory guidelines while providing essential healthcare support to remote communities.


Honourable Mahama Asei Seini, Deputy Minister of Health, praised Zipline’s commitment and the positive impact it has had on healthcare services in the nation.


“In our efforts to improve healthcare access for all Ghanaians, Zipline has been an invaluable partner. Their dedication to innovation and efficiency has resulted in the saving of countless lives”.



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