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T.E.I YPG Holds 2023 Meet & Greet, Impact Series For Young Professionals

The T.E.I Young Professionals Group (YPG) under the Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I) has held another networking event for young students from the Universities.

The networking session dubbed; ‘2023 Meet and Greet, Impact Series,’ held at the Airport View Hotel last Saturday, saw some successful personalities who are doing very well in their field of work talked to these students, educating them about life, what to expect in their journey of life and how to position themselves for challenges ahead.

Giving his opening remarks, the President of T.E.I Mr. Alexander Yanyi-Ampah noted that TEI is a Non-Governmental Organization that is determined towards putting young professionals on a path of leadership and uses creative methods to encourage disadvantaged students to excel by offering mentorship, summer camps, and after-school activities.
“It also promotes educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence,” he said.

He said: “Our goal is to put them on a path to leadership. Tebah Educational Initiative is an organization that uses creative methods to encourage disadvantaged students to excel by offering, mentorship, summer camps, and afterschool activities.”

He said, there is a huge gap in the Ghanaian educational system with the professionalism aspect missing.
Mr. Alexander Yanyi-Ampah said the time has come for a conscious effort to ensure that students are build and equipped with communication skills, confidence hence the efforts by T.E.I/YPG to mentor students through networking events, and building on their career and volunteer opportunities.


The speakers
The speakers

Speakers of the day Mr, Kenneth Thompson, CEO of Dalex Finance, Ms. Beatrice Senadju, Award winning Journalist and Rev. Dr. Worlanyo Mensah spoke about their lives growing up.

The issues of hardships and determination to succeed permeated their submissions.

According to Mr, Kenneth Thompson one must be determined in life towards his or her goals for success, and in that he or she must be ready and willing to take the first step, and work towards that dream.

“There is nothing like luck. The harder you work, the luckier you become,” he said, and challenged the students to be agents of change for there is nothing like “losing in life.”

Ms. Beatrice Senadju also urged the students to be business-minded and nor to be deterred by the number of times they would fail. “Failure is part of life,” she said.

She averred that failure is the time to regroup, restructure, plan and emerge stronger hence, the students who are determined to become successful must not see failure as a blockade to their success.

Rev. Dr. Worlanyo Mensah on his art stressed on the need for the students to build their mindset, explore and network and identify people who are the reflections of their course.

He also urged them to begin to create jobs after school by looking at the supply chain and see how they can fit in and make a difference.

“Nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. Plan, associate yourselves with people who have the same vision as yours,” he said.

Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah

Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah

Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah

In an interview with the Executive Director of TEI, Mrs. Viola Tebah Yanyi-Ampah, she said T.E.I organised the event for the speakers to share their life journey with young professionals.

“Most often people think these people had it easy, they don’t see their struggles and fears, so we bring them here today to share their experiences and to inspire these young professionals to follow their footsteps,” she said.

She also mentioned that “These days when you see people doing certain things, you don’t know where their source of revenue is coming from, but there is still always the right path to success. So, this session is to inspire the young professionals to think outside the box, and begin to think of creating jobs after school”.

“We are connecting professionals and also building upcoming professionals who are already at the university level and people who are already in the workforce to have that connectivity.

She said the Tebah Educational Initiative believes that education has immense potential to change and save lives, hence the organization encourages students to become exceptional in society by promoting individual growth by academic achievement.

“Our education initiative was established to harness students’ skills and talents despite certain challenges such as peer pressure, bullying, teenage pregnancy, juvenile history, and self–esteem problems,” she noted.

She described the event as successful and hopes to have a more inspiring event in the next two years.





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