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Tebah Educational Initiative Holds Annual Seminar For University Students 

The Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I)’s Young Professionals Group Ghana (YPG) has held its annual Seminar for university students.

The Seminar which was held under the theme; “Dress For Success: Principles For Succeeding After School,” was to equip students with the requisite abilities to become successful in life.

The President of T.E.I, a non-for-profit organisation, Mr. Alexander Yanyi-Ampah, who gave his welcome address via a video presentation noted that the organization places much focus on education since that has an immense potential to change and save lives.

According to him, T.E.I has programs for students including their online training programs, which he indicated, has impacted and nurtured about 600 students worldwide.

“We have also directly touched the lives of over 8,000 students in the four countries we currently operate. Students who benefit from any of the T.E.I programs are likely to become more successful in their professional and personal lives by virtue of learning and mastering concepts such as right mindset development, setting appropriate future vision and goals, effective communication, presentation and public speaking skills, leadership, financial literacy and social and emotional intelligence learning,” he said.

The Main Speaker of the day, Conrad Kakraba, Executive Director of Truth TV, took the participants through though provoking and insightful teaching which he believes would help position the students/youth strategically for opportunities in the future.

He challenged the participants to build their skills set, have a purpose and plan for their future.

Narrowing his presentation on the Ten (10) Cs for Success, Conrad Kakraba said successful life depends on the 10 Cs which he stated as “Clarity, Competence, Concentration, Creativity, Common Sense, Consideration, Consistency, Commitment, Courage and Confidence.”

He advised participants to have a clear vision and purpose for their lives, define how to go about attaining those goals, focus on getting the results, not just the activities, apply sound judgement and intuition to situations (6th Sense), think through things carefully and train their minds to be prudent.

He also urged them to learn from their setbacks, develop good relationships, have good people skills, live at peace with all, confront their fears, remain focused despite hardships, dare to go forward; but fail forward and they must not stay where they fall.

Conrad Kakraba urged the students to strategically position themselves, know what works best for their personality and pursue their purpose with passion.

He also challenged them to ensure their significance in the society stressing that, their success at the end must benefit someone.

“That is where you become significant,” he said.

Also, Mildred Yeboah a Professional Nurse and Deputy Manager of OPD at the Kokrobite Health Service, advised the participants to love themselves enough to protect themselves against the deadly HIV Virus.

According to her, HIV is real and it continues to spread with reported cases keep rising by the day.

She averred that although there are measures to prevent contracting the virus, the best option is abstinence.

Madam Mildred Yeboah said everybody is vulnerable but the commercial sex workers are the most and highly at risk of contracting the virus.

She called on the students to rule out completely unprotected sex from their lives until they are married and that enduring that is better than having to live with the virus for the rest of their lives.

About Tebah Educational Initiative (T.EI.)

Tebah Educational Initiatives, Inc. (T.E.I) is a non-profit organization that promotes educational awareness for students by helping them understand the benefits of education and to strive for excellence.

T.E.I provides educational supplies to students. It also mentor students to reach their full potential. Since its establishment in 2014.

It has impacted and nurtured about 600 students on the right path to life through its annual online mentorship programs. It has directly provided educational supplies and has touched the lives of over 8,000 students in the United States, Haiti, Ghana and South Africa.

The Tebah Educational Initiative (T.E.I) Mentoring Program: is an annual intensive after-school program that provides structured year-round after-school and summer services for youth ages 12 to 18.

It has been designed to promote youth excellence, cultivate responsible leaders, and support academic excellence and student engagement in school and community environments. Specific T.E.I activities include group counselling, life skills coaching, creative arts, field trips, adventure programming, recreation, and mentoring.




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