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The Creative Economy Is A Low-Hanging Fruit – Rex Omar Tells Successive Governments

Rex Omar, a renowned Ghanaian musician, has called on successive governments to pay more attention to the country’s creative economy, which he describes as “low-hanging fruit.”

Speaking on 3FM, Omar highlighted the longstanding neglect of the sector, using his own family’s experience as a case study to illustrate the generational disregard for creative talents in Ghana.

Rex Omar recounted how his father, who was a better musician than himself, chose to pursue a career as a medical doctor, relegating music to a mere hobby due to the unappealing nature of the creative industry.

“The creative industry is so unattractive that my father, despite his musical talent, became a medical doctor and only did music as a hobby,” he said.

Rex Omar explained that he chose a different path, opting to pursue music full-time. However, he faced numerous industry challenges that ultimately hindered his success.

“I understood my father better afterwards and told my children the truth about the systemic challenges of the creative industry in Ghana, advising them not to pursue music here. This is why none of my children are in music,” he revealed.

He emphasized that the lack of support and recognition for creatives in Ghana has deeply impacted the nation’s perception of the industry, urging for a shift in policy and societal attitudes to foster a more vibrant and supportive environment for the creative economy.



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