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The MP Of Ada Be Blamed For The Pain In Ada

The blood of the dead in Ada is on the MP’s head. She was the first to cause havoc by being falsely accused on Radio Ada prior to the 2020 Election that NPP and the Ada Chiefs had joined hands to sell the Ada Songor Lagoon and she has the receipt. 

The call for peace between the youth of Ada and McDan by this same MP for Ada Hon Comfort Doryoe Cudjoe is hypocritical.

Her statement on the floor of Parliament was that the promotion of galamsey or illegal salt mining should not be swept under the carpet.

We were surprised that none called her to order or alert the speaker’s attention when she was making that unhealthy appeal to Mr. Speaker for McDan to appear and answer questions in Parliament.

The MP’s political posture towards McDan’s Electrochem would have been different if Electrochem had been a foreign or Chinese Company.

Hon Doryoe was the first politician who started roaming about pelting lies and making unsubstantiated comments about Electrochem.

Her misinterpretation and political tone in the media, of the government’s awarding of 15 year’ lease of the Songor to Electrochem, led to chaos and the loss of lives and property.

The blood of those who have lost their lives out of ignorance will be on her head. She is giving reasons for us to think that women cannot be good heads of government.

It is so sad that most often, we turn blind eyes and deaf ears to catastrophic circumstances for parochial political reasons until there is a deafening consistent public outcry, protest, or agitation.

Our question to the Honorable MP of Ada is that this is not the first clash between some youth of Ada and Electrochem, but has she ever, for once, approached Dr. Daniel Nii Nshia McKorley, popularly known as McDan, the Chairman of McDAN Group of Companies, of which Electrochem is a subsidiary, to discuss issues and matters to the sequeling of the tension between Ada Youth and Electrochem?

Why then on the floor of Parliament would she beg McDan to release some portion of the Songor to some few embattled youth of Ada?

In fact, what was her motive for making those “assassinating” statements? That was bad-naming, and it is unfortunate that such uncalled-for statements were coming from an Hon woman MP. Why would she have to betray her brother? Or was she playing politics to the gallery?

The truth is, the Hon MP, like other MPs, has failed woefully to exercise her mandate, as a legislator, to play a healing role in the feud between Electrochem and some Ada youth, and to provide the youth with some civic education on the constitutionality and legality of mining concessions, land leasing, Illegal mining, corporate social responsibility, etc. Shamefully, her presentation on the floor of Parliament was rather promoting illegal mining.

Again, it is so sad that for regressive politics, she pretends she is unaware of the creation of mining community pans for all the communities stemming from the magnanimity of McDan.

The fact is, you hardly come by investors doing such things while they are yet to make profits. If a community has not yet gotten their part of Mining Pans, it is rather a matter of a roundtable discussion and consensus building.

Those approved stages of amicable resolution haven’t come into the picture yet clearly because of some hidden political agenda to keep frustrating McDan till he packs his bag and baggage and leaves Ada because it is believed he is associated with NPP. Very sad indeed!

Will some parliamentarians, for once, be neutral and non-partisan in dealing with certain sensitive social issues? Can some of our legislators for heaven’s sake, be bold enough to call a spade a spade?

Will some of our lawmakers, for peace and progress’ sake, be duty-bound enough to let those of their hardened constituents know the legal ramifications for being unscrupulously noncivic to people and property?

For Ghana’s sake, will some politicians stop playing the devil’s advocate with dicey socio-economic issues?

Will some of our law enforcers, for peace and tranquility’s sake, be bold enough to deal with criminals without playing to the tune of their masters?

My line and list of asking those multi-billion questions may continue unabated because the attitude of some political figures are, these days, becoming uncontrollably nauseating and scandalous.

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The recent deadly skirmishes and clashes between some few disgruntled Ada youth and the workers of Electrochem Ghana Limited at Toflokpo, which unfortunately culminated in the death of one person, is another corroboration of the undercurrent socio-political feud and fight over the Songor Lagoon for a couple of years now.

For the records, a precious life was not only lost but also, property such as 2 excavators and 2 compactors belonging to Electrochem were all burnt.

Madam PM, come again and stop exposing your political bias and kwashiokorism.

Jesuits of GaDaŋme



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