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TIS Shines Bright with ‘The Prince of Egypt,’ Earning Admiration from Parents and Enthralled Spectators


The National Theatre of Accra witnessed a remarkable and unforgettable evening as Tema International School (TIS) unveiled its astounding 20th-anniversary production of “The Prince of Egypt.”

As a journalist who had the privilege to attend this enthralling spectacle and converse with parents and audience members, I am honoured to share the overwhelming and highly positive feedback that this production has garnered.

From the moment the curtains rose, the audience was transported into the enchanting world of ancient Egypt.

TIS students delivered a performance that can only be described as nothing short of astonishing. The feedback from parents and attendees echoed this sentiment, with many expressing their awe and admiration for the talents displayed on stage.

One parent in the audience remarked, “You made us proud TIS. That production was excellent. We are more than grateful for the opportunities you are giving to our children. GOD BLESS YOU.”

Another parent said, “It was truly beyond words—almost half the school in this production — 250 students and staff. The logistics just blew my mind. And it flowed seamlessly.

Production team and cast, I have said it everywhere over and over. You couldn’t have done any better. Thanks for an awesome night.”

The pride and appreciation for TIS were palpable in the comments of another parent, “Simply phenomenal. I am always so proud of this institution that it never ceases to amaze me.

Over 12 years my two boys went in there and were imbued with leadership, integrity, confidence, and concern for humanity and the world — an endless list of virtues for which I can only say TIS Ayeekoo.

The entire Prince of Egypt team, Ayekooo. It was truly a new standard set for professionals, how much more high school students.”

While the performance was exceptional, some parents raised concerns about the challenges faced, such as the state of the National Theatre. One parent expressed, “We need the government to step in and promote the arts. To know that such performances will be taxed is heartbreaking.

TIS’s efforts in raising funds to support a Government hospital, the Korlebu Teaching Hospital, are commendable. However, the production was highly expensive. The theatre was not filled; hope they will at least break even.”

A proud Ghanaian parent shared, “I have 3 of my children attending TIS; they completed Uni and are now in the working world. I attend every production, even though my children have left. It’s always inspiring. And as a Ghanaian, I am super proud to see we, too, can do things well.”

Another parent praised the school’s resilience, stating, “How did TIS manage to put up such a brilliant show despite the terrible state of the National Theatre? That says a lot about the school. We were concerned at first. They proved us wrong. The lack of water, the state of the chairs, the poor washrooms — nothing stopped TIS from giving us a phenomenal show.”

Another parent commented on the incredible effort behind the scenes, saying, “Half of the school was bused to the National Theatre of Ghana for rehearsals over a 5-day period.

The kitchen staff took care of their meals and snacks. The cleaning staff had to clean the entire theatre and were there to clean bathrooms throughout the show (the state of the National Theatre and its services is a story for another day, truly heartbreaking).

Drivers and security staff kept everything safe and running smoothly. Teaching and non-teaching staff supervised effortlessly and smoothly. On show day, the entire school from Tema was on site by 4 pm. The entire school was fed on-site by kitchen staff before the show.”

Another parent commended the school’s persistence: “I cannot believe the big companies did not sponsor this show. Despite their appeal for funds, they did not have any significant sponsorship. I commend the school for its persistence. Well done, TIS.”

Some parents said, ‘We wholeheartedly agree that securing a larger venue is imperative to house such an exceptional production.

The performance was undeniably brilliant, and its magnificence deserves a broader audience.

We earnestly recommend considering avenues such as pay-per-view on the day of the show or extending invitations to esteemed platforms like Netflix to witness and broadcast this masterpiece.'”

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This production’s overwhelming success is a testament to the power of the arts in education and the dedication of parents, teachers, and students to creating something truly extraordinary.

It is a moment that will be cherished in the hearts and memories of all who had the privilege to witness it.

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By Robert Ayanful



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