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Togbe Dunyo Azu Enstooled As Development Chief In Botoku

The chief and people of the Botoku Traditional Area in the North Dayi District of the Volta Region have enstooled Togbui Dunyo Azu as the development chief for the area. According to traditional leaders of the area who expressed dissatisfaction with the neglect of their community’s developmental needs by successive governments, the enstoolment of Togbuiga Dunyo Azu a US-based Ghanaian businessman will help spearhead local development efforts.

At a short ceremony to outdoor the new development chief of Botoku at the Botoku Durbar grounds attended by chiefs and people of the area, Togbui Dunyo Azu addressed the community’s concerns about the lack of development. He pledged to dedicate his efforts to transforming Botoku and tackling its development challenges.

He bemoaned the failure of successive governments to direct development to the area, promising to use his networks and connections to help create jobs, improve education and development for his people if Botoku

Togbuiga Tamtia VI who was recently enstooled Paramount Chief of Botoku together with the Amankrado of Botoku outdoored the development chief. In his address, Togbuiga Tamtia VI promised to partner with his development chief to improve the lives of his people. He stressed the need for all to come on board and support the new path being charted by the chiefs and elders of the Botoku Traditional Area for the betterment of generations unborn.

Torgbui Dunyo Azu a native of Borkoku and Odumase Krobo is an accomplished Ghanaian businessman based in the United States of America. As a father and a husband, Torgbui Dunyo Azu is poised to change the narrative of the Botoku Traditional Area from a struggling town to a developed town. As part of initiatives to improve the lives of his people, the newly enstooled development chief will soon commission an ultra-modern satchel and bottled water-producing factory in the area which will offer hundreds of direct and indirect jobs for the people of Botoku.



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