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Toloba Sports Consult Donates to Laiyah Football Tournament

On Monday, 8th January 2024, Toloba Sports Consult, a subsidiary of the Toloba Group of Companies, demonstrated its commitment to grassroots sports by donating customized medals and sets of nets to the organizers of the Laiyah Football Tournament.

The President and Founder of the Toloba Group, Mr. Musah Toloba, took the lead in the presentation, accompanied by executives of the Group. The ceremony unfolded at Kawkudi Park during the tournament finals.

In an interview, Mr. Toloba emphasized that the primary vision of Toloba Sports Consult is to unearth and nurture talents at the grassroots level. This underscores the group’s support for the tournament organizers, led by Mr. Abdul Fatawu Alhassan, also known as the Mayor of Nima.

It’s worth noting that Toloba Sports Consult had previously contributed bottles of drinks and packs of water at the tournament’s onset, attracting attention from various media outlets.

Abdul Fatawu Alhassan expressed gratitude for Toloba Group’s generous gesture and called on other corporate bodies to emulate such support. He emphasized the importance of fostering talent development for aspiring professional footballers in the future.

Community Impact and Future Collaboration

The donation from Toloba Sports Consult has not only added a touch of prestige to the Laiyah Football Tournament but also exemplifies a commitment to community development.

Mr. Musah Toloba’s active involvement and the group’s ongoing support have resonated positively with both participants and spectators, fostering a sense of unity and encouragement within the local sports community.

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Toloba Sports Consult and the Laiyah Tournament organizers sets a promising precedent.

The hope is that other corporate entities will be inspired to contribute to grassroots sports, creating a ripple effect of support for aspiring athletes.

Such partnerships can play a pivotal role in shaping the future of sports at the grassroots level, paving the way for the emergence of talented individuals who could make significant contributions to the professional sports arena.



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