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Treepz transports more than 4 million passengers in total, Appoints New Leadership in Nigeria

In the face of a tumultuous year in the transportation industry, Treepz, Africa’s leading shared mobility platform, stands tall as it releases its resilient 2023 Year in Review Report, showcasing its resilience, growth, and transformative impact.

 A Resilient Year in Review:

 The year 2023 posed significant challenges in the transportation industry, particularly in Africa, with frequent petrol price hikes impacting the movement of people. However, despite these challenges, we navigated through the complexities and emerged at the end of the calendar year as a stronger industry player than ever before.

Charting the course:

What began as a simple vision to solve the transportation challenges in Lagos, Nigeria with technology, we evolved into a global phenomenon, providing better transportation solutions for more than 4 million customers across 6 countries and 3 continents.  Our expansion beyond Nigeria is a testament to the scalability and effectiveness of the Treepz platform in meeting the diverse needs of users globally.

Earlier in the year, we expanded our footprints to East Africa with the launch of Treepz in  Kenya. This strategic expansion marked a significant stride in expanding the company’s presence in East Africa, enhancing accessibility and tailoring transportation solutions to diverse commitments.

We also solidified our foundation for long-term sustained growth and governance by appointing 5 reputable professionals to our board of directors. They include Ebenezer Arthur, Managing Partner of Wangara Capital Partners and Managing Director of Wangara Green Ventures, who brings 18 years of experience in sales, transportation, and technology, focusing on impact investing. Adejare Rasheed Olaoluwa, former CEO of the Bank of Industry in Nigeria, offers strategic management and financial expertise. Laura Venasse, a Partner at LaBarge Weinstein, brings her legal and business acumen to provide governance oversight. Jane Egerton-Idehen, Chair of the Board, is an experienced Fortune 500 technology executive with a telecommunications background, promising valuable insights for Treepz’s strategic direction.

Financial Milestones and Self-Sustainability:

 One of the pivotal achievements in 2023 was the attainment of financial milestones, with revenues for both Nigeria and Kenya reaching the break-even point. This marked a crucial step toward achieving a 100% self-sustaining position for Treepz. The financial stability achieved in 70% of all markets, including our home base in Nigeria and the newly launched Kenya operations, positions Treepz for sustained growth and resilience in the dynamic landscape of shared mobility.

Moreover, in less than a year since the launch of Treepz’s marketplace in 2023, our platform generated over $1.2 million in earnings for our hosts (vehicle owners), demonstrating our commitment to uplifting and empowering lives and livelihoods across the globe economically.

Treepz Usage Statistics

 A total of 1,2960,611 passenger trips were facilitated and completed in 2023, seamlessly connecting people across cities. In 2023 alone, we also added 6 new cities to our platform, increasing Treepz’s footprints to 16 cities, across 3 regions worldwide.

668 vehicles were onboarded on the Treepz marketplace within 8 months, to offer wide transportation options for our diverse user base. Customers across the continent have used Treepz technology to commute better over 4 million times since launch.

Beyond Transportation:

The tale with Treepz doesn’t end with commuting alone. Treepz now extends its reach beyond transportation alone, positively impacting various facets of users’ lives and the environment.

At the heart of our mission is a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, showcased by a remarkable reduction of 922,124 Kg of carbon emissions in 2023. Treepz actively contributes to fostering a greener environment, aligning our efforts with global initiatives to combat climate change and alleviate the ecological impact of transportation.

Furthermore, Treepz has played a pivotal role in supporting businesses by ensuring the safe daily commutes of 5,127 employees. This initiative underscores Treepz’s broader impact in addressing crucial transportation needs and enhancing the efficiency and well-being of employees across diverse organizations. Overall, Treepz continues to play a transformative role in the broader spectrum of users’ lives, forging a path towards a sustainable and connected future.

Appointment of New Country Manager for Nigeria

In an exciting development, Treepz, Africa’s largest car rental and sharing marketplace proudly announces Ajoke Yusuf as the newly appointed Country Manager for Treepz Nigeria. Ajoke brings a wealth of 13 years of expertise in Sales and Customer Success across diverse industries including Telecoms, Tech, Agriculture, Hospitality, and Entertainment.

Ajoke Yusuf, a seasoned professional, has demonstrated her proficiency in managing over 100 strategic enterprise accounts and sales pipelines, leading teams, and engaging diverse stakeholders. Her focus on Sales, Business Development, and Communication has significantly contributed to the growth and profitability of prominent companies within the African ecosystem.

Before joining Treepz, Ajoke’s career journey included successful stints at 9Mobile, PlatinumPlus TV, Farm Crowdy, Crowdyvest, and Eden. Her excellence in customer care management, service delivery, customer retention, and new business development has left an indelible mark on each organization she has been part of.

In her new role as Country Manager for Treepz Nigeria, Ajoke Yusuf is poised to bring her wealth of experience to further strengthen Treepz’s position in the Nigerian market. Her strategic vision aligns with Treepz’s commitment to providing innovative car rental and sharing solutions across the continent.

Sani Chanchangi as new Business Development & Sales Coordinator for Treepz Nigeria

 Treepz is equally delighted to welcome Sani Chanchangi as the Business Development Manager and Sales Coordinator. With over 6 years of experience in the Hospitality and Real Estate sectors, coupled with a strong background in marketing and sales, Sani brings a multifaceted skill set to the team.

 Sani Chanchangi’s additional background in the transportation business aligns perfectly with Treepz’s mission to revolutionize the car rental and sharing industry. His expertise positions him as a valuable asset to drive business development initiatives and coordinate strategic efforts for Treepz in Nigeria.

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Commenting on the dual appointments, Onyeka Akumah stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Ajoke Yusuf and Sani Chanchangi to our leadership team. Their wealth of experience and diverse skill sets align perfectly with Treepz’s commitment to innovation and growth. These appointments underscore our dedication to strengthening our leadership team for sustained success and expansion in the Nigerian market.”

Looking Ahead to 2024

As Treepz looks ahead to 2024, the focus is crystal clear—centred on the customer and the bottom line. The year will witness us sharing brand stories better through customer experiences, with milestones set for Treepz’s 5th year in business by Q4 2024

Ajoke Yusuf and Sani Chanchangi’s appointments align with this forward-looking vision, contributing to Treepz’s commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and continued success.

About Treepz:

Established in 2019, Treepz is Africa’s top car-sharing platform, offering convenient and flexible access to rental vehicles for individuals and businesses. Operating in Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, and Kenya, Treepz has achieved impressive milestones, including over 3 million bookings, $5 million in income to vehicle partners, and 3 million kg of CO2 emissions saved across all markets. Our success is supported by renowned investors like Google, SOSV, Techstars, BKR Capital, and Shock Ventures. Notable clients such as Tek Experts, Wakanow, Multichoice, Jiji, and Diamond Trust Bank trust Treepz to power their mobility solutions.




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