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UFO Condemns Tax Hike in Kenya and Excessive Use of Force

UFO Condemns Tax Hike in Kenya and Excessive Use of Force

  The Universal Friendship Organization (UFO) has expressed profound concern and sorrow over the recent increase in taxes in Kenya, which has sparked widespread protests among the nation’s youth.

The tax hike, deemed burdensome by many, has led to escalating tensions and clashes, resulting in significant casualties.

Statement on the Situation

The UFO has strongly condemned the excessive use of force by authorities against protestors. These aggressive measures have resulted in the loss of lives and injuries to numerous individuals. The organization’s leadership emphasized that the youth’s grievances are legitimate and that their demand for a fair economic system deserves attention and action.

“We stand firmly with the Kenyan youth who are rightfully demanding a fair and just economic system,” said Mr. Samuel Adobah, President of UFO. “Economic policies should foster inclusivity, equality, and social justice, not exacerbate inequality and hardship.”

UFO’s Stance and Demands

The UFO has laid out several key demands to address the ongoing crisis:

Engagement in Dialogue:

The organization calls for immediate and meaningful dialogue between the Kenyan government, the protesting youth, and civil society organizations. This dialogue is essential to address and resolve the underlying economic and social issues that have fueled the protests.

Addressing Root Causes:

A comprehensive approach to tackling the economic policies and practices that have led to widespread dissatisfaction among the youth is crucial. The UFO advocates for reforms that promote economic inclusivity and reduce hardship.

Ensuring Accountability:

The UFO demands accountability for the excessive use of force by security personnel. Those responsible for the violence against protestors must be held accountable to restore trust and uphold justice.

Condolences and Call to Action

In a heartfelt message, the UFO extended its deepest condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives during the protests. The organization called on all parties involved to prioritize peaceful and constructive engagement, emphasizing the need to uphold the rights and dignity of all citizens.

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“We call on African leaders, the United Nations, and security agencies to safeguard our youth and ensure their voices are heard for the betterment of the future,” urged Rev. Johnson Adu, Vice President of UFO. “Together, we can build a more just and equitable society.”

The UFO remains committed to advocating for a fair and just economic system in Kenya and beyond, urging immediate action to address the concerns of the youth and prevent further escalation of violence.


  • Mr. Samuel Adobah (President – UFO) – +233546990659, +233503355150
  • Rev. Johnson Adu (Vice President – UFO) – +233244842434
  • Mr. Robert Akwasi Oppong (Director of Research and Development – UFO) – +233245750416
  • Ms. Cynethia LeRoy Shaw (Country Director – UFO, USA Branch) – +1(865)964-2104

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