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We must do away with moneycracy in elections – The SEER

The Founder and General Overseer of Parliament Chapel International  (PCI), Apostle Francis Amoako Attah has urged African countries including Ghana to do away with moneycracy in its body politics and allow the true will of the people to prevail.

He said, in so doing, the right people would be elected to positions for growth and development of the entire nation.

Speaking on Angel fm this morning, the SEER indicated that there is a revolution in Nigeria currently  which Ghana and other African countries must emulate.

According to him, Nigerians especially the youth are now taking the future of the nation in their hands, directing and dictating the course of politics in Nigeria which he said, is a classical way of writing the wrongs that have been committed over the years.

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah believes that moneycracy in politics is the bane of corruption and that politicians or leaders who get to positions through the use of money would want to recover what they spent and even ‘steal’ to pay off their debts hence putting the growth of the nation on a standstill.

He said Ghana has made its democracy so expensive that positions are being sold to the highest bidder irrespective of whether the person can deliver or not.

“Ghana has made democracy very expensive because of selfishness to the extent that, within the period of elections, delegates are given money and they end up trading the future of the nation into the wrong hands,” he laments.

He described political party delegates as the evils that are destroying the nation.

“This is wickedness not democracy. This is selfishness and we must learn to stay away from it. It is about time Africa must begin to look for a Jacob leadership; a leadership that think about future generations and not Isaac leadership which only think about what they will eat today, their families and girlfriends,” he said.

He explained that, when people are able to elect leaders not because of money or because of what they have been promised to get individually, the leaders would “do what we want and not what they want.”

“Why are we doing this to our future?, Why are we so greedy?, Why are we so selfish? We are destroying this country for ourselves because we cannot develop a country like this.”

He said Africa would continue to go down if its people fail to change.

“Everything about Africa is going down: our education down, attitude, development down, currency down, everything concerning Africa is going down, “ he insisted.

September & October

Apostle Francis Amoako Attah said the month of September is for separation.

It is a month to separate some of your members from original.

A month he said, Africa needs to separate right from wrong and take decisions that will sustain it to growth for the future.




He also pointed out that the month of October is a month for order and that orrder must be imposed the moment there is separation.

“October is the month you bring dominion because without order you can not control. And if our future is not based on internal but not external, then we are not safe.”

He also charged leaders to try as much as they can to treat the problem Africa is having from its source.

He said it is only by stopping it from the source that we can control the resources we have.



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