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Wheels of Kindness: Islamic Center for Guidance and Right To Live Foundation Transform Lives in Maamobi

A heartwarming collaboration between the Islamic Center for Guidance, part of the Toloba Group of Companies, and the Right To Live Foundation has illuminated Maamobi as wheelchairs find their way to those in need.

Mr. Musah Toloba, the visionary President and Founder of the Toloba Group, stood alongside key executives, articulating the purpose behind this act of generosity.

He conveyed the organization’s unwavering commitment to community resilience, promising continued support through avenues like food provisions, medical outreach, and entrepreneurship training.

“The Islamic Center for Guidance, as a non-profit under the Toloba Group, pledges to uplift livelihoods through sustained community resilience actions,” he affirmed.

Mr. Toloba underscored the enduring partnership with the Right To Live Foundation, emphasizing their shared mission to impact the lives of individuals with disabilities across the nation.

Jackson, a grateful beneficiary of the wheelchairs, expressed profound appreciation to Mr. Bilal Asenso and Mr. Musah Toloba from the Islamic Center for Guidance and Right To Live Foundation.

He called on fellow non-profit organizations to emulate the compassion demonstrated by Mr. Toloba and Mr. Asenso, recognizing the profound difference such initiatives can make in communities in need.



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