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Who becomes Mahama’s running mate for 2024 election?

“When the people are crushed by their elites, it is up to the Army to give the people their freedom.”-Jerry John Rawlings.

The above quote from the founder of the great NDC gives me some sense of urgency to share my opinion on a very germane issue raised by Ambassador Kwasi Ahwoi, that
“Professor Naana Jane will be Ghana’s first female President after Mahama.”

It sounds good and very refreshing though because, the NDC have always shown the way as torchbearers of women empowerment.

The election of the first female Speaker of Parliament and, first female Electoral Commissioner gives credence to the above fact.

I am with no doubt in my mind that Prof. Jane deserves to go for the 2nd time and eventually become a president after JM, but the multi million dollar question is, @ what age?

Our mum is now 71-yrs- old and would hit 72 next year Godwilling.

So, all things being equal, if the wish of the Ahwoi family for Prof. comes to pass, Jane would take over from JM @ age 76 in 2028. Wow 😮!

Did I once hear the NDC claiming Akufo Addo @ age 72 was t–oo old and lacked ideas to lead the country? Or the NDC has abandoned mantra?

But wait, my dear reader,
are Ghanaians ready for a 76-year-old female President?
Observing what Akufo Addo just showed us, are Ghanaians ready for a another septuagenarian for leadership?
Ghana is @ a crossroads and it would take only God to intervene🙏.
It seems we’re not in any time soon getting out of our predicament as a nation.

Or the Ahwoi’s are looking forward for the NDC to do just one-term in office? If that’s their intention, then I am all for it. 😂 It’s funny right?

Considering a 71-yrs- old Professor as the antidote to the NDC’s succession plan while there’re so many young and energetic personalities in the pool seems to give the above 👆 intentions some oxygen and the grassroots must take a keen interest in whether what the party wants is just a one-term or beyond.

Mr. Kwasi Ahwoi has a lot of questions to answer from the grassroots.

Now, there’s another school of thought which argues that it is better to allow the John/Jane ticket to go through, win 2024, and exit.

Nice lyrics here though!
But can the NDC explain to the grassroots the kind of danger ⛔️ this theory poses to the very survival of the party in Govt and beyond?

You would obviously have opened the floodgates for everyone to start showing interest from 2024, and certainly those aspiring to be flagbearers after JM are going to make sure they amass wealth for their future ambitions.
Ooooooh Jehovah!

I think Ghanaians want to feel some serene governance from the next administration after the reckless leadership of Akufo Addo/Bawumia.

My mouth no be gun as they say, but the point is that, the late Rawlings changed Ackaah for Prof. Mills. Mills also eventually picked Mumuni and dropped him for Martin Amidu and eventually dropped Martin for JM, meaning it’s doable and it’s possible.

It’s obvious the NDC leadership don’t like the Ashanti factor in their permutations and it’s showing in the positioning of their national executives.

Admittedly, I don’t know the composition of their council of elders, however it’s a fact that the NPP has managed to destabilize the electoral fortunes of the NDC in the northern part of Ghana with Bawumia’s candidacy and it’s just prudent that the NDC go same way to destabilize the NPP’s own in their Ashanti stronghold.

Don’t be upset, my dear reader! 29-30% votes in the Ashanti Region will definitely bring the NDC into government, and that argument must be done in a very healthy and transparent environment.

Now, what if Alan or Kennedy Agyapong wins? Ooooooops!
Your guess is as good as mine.

Ghana is @ a crossroads and needs fresh legs to project hope, and I think it’s just as good a good news for the NDC to put personal interests aside and dig deep to understand the dynamics of who would best represent the future interest of the NDC.

Nevertheless, the NDC party belongs to the Ahwoi’s and they can do what pleases their interests.

May God give us all wisdom and insight to process opinions and come out with a better alternatives.
Than you all. 🙏
By Ing. Kofi Ahyenso



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